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What are the design and application of the rack processing gear shaft?
In the rack and pinion steering system, the accuracy and meshing degree of the steering rack are important, and the steering system is an important assembly that determines the active safety of the vehicle. The poor precision of the steering rack will result in insensitive steering and unstable operation. It is necessary to turn the steering wheel sharply, which not only affects the pleasant operation of the car, but may even cause the steering system to malfunction and cause an accident. The rack and pinion steering system is a kind of steering mechanism commonly used in cars and minivans, and the car steering rack is an important component in the rack and pinion steering system.

The working principle is simple, the rack gear type gear set is wrapped in a metal tube, and the respective tooth ends of the rack protrude outside the metal tube and are connected by a tie rod. A pinion is attached to the steering shaft. When the steering wheel of the car is rotated, the steering gear rotates to move the rack meshing therewith in the axial direction. On the steering arm of the steering shaft of the tie rods at the tooth ends of the rack, the steering wheel is rotated into the linear motion required by the wheel transmission through the rack, so that the left and right tie rods drive the steering knuckle to rotate left and right, so that the steering wheel can be deflected. Car steering.

What are the design and application of the rack processing gear shaft? The gear shafts that can be seen in normal times will generally vary depending on the application. This is closely related to its own design. In classification, it can be generally divided into a drive shaft and a shaft and a spindle. The shafts of different styles are different in use and characteristics.

In general, the gear shaft is designed to use a pinion, and the gear is characterized by a relatively small number of teeth on the gear. If it is a high-speed gear, then it is some low-torque gears. Shifting gears are also used in special occasions. These gears are rarely used, because if they are at high speed, the gears of the slip gear can't be dealt with at all. At the time of design, the average designer will try to shorten the length of the shaft as much as possible, because if the shaft length is too long, the difficulty of machining on the hobbing machine will increase. Moreover, the strength of the component may be adversely affected because the length is too long.

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