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Gear production process
First, the processing of the blank
The blanks of the gears are mainly forgings, bars or castings. The rough machining of gears plays an important role in the whole gear processing. The inner bore (or journal), end face or outer circle of the blank is often the basis for gear machining, measurement and assembly. The accuracy of the blank has an important influence on the machining accuracy of the gear. The blank should be normalized to improve its cutting type and make it easy to cut. The margin control of the blank is also important. Too much margin will increase the subsequent processing volume and reduce the production efficiency; the margin is too small. Care must be taken in subsequent processing to ensure that the accuracy of the gears is within the design range.

Second, tooth surface processing
According to the requirements of the gear design, the tooth surface processing should first process the blank into a rough shape and retain the excess amount; then perform semi-finishing, car, rolling and gear shaping to make the gear basically form. Tooth surface processing can be divided into forming processing and forming processing.

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