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Reasons for damage to the three precision parts of the grinding rack
What are the reasons for the damage of the three precision parts of the grinding rack diesel engine?

(1) Disassembly: Many operators are more common because of diesel engine oil supply system failure. Therefore, once a diesel engine fails, it is often not carefully analyzed. After finding the cause of the failure, it is targeted to check and eliminate, but to the fuel supply system. Disassembly inspection and replacement are performed one by one. The processing precision of the three precision parts is strictly required and cannot be dismantled at will. Disassemble and install once, which can shorten the service life by tens or even hundreds of hours. In addition, it may be further deteriorated due to bumps, dirt, scratches and even deformation due to improper disassembly and installation.

(2) Improper cleaning: When cleaning the three precision parts, mix with other parts, use the unclean cleaning liquid, and the newly purchased three precision parts are not thoroughly cleaned of the anti-rust oil. Although it is cleaned before the replacement of the parts, it is not legal. Some use cloth or cotton yarn to directly wipe the surface of the part; some put the cleaned parts in an unclean place. The results of these practices all cause scratches on the working surface, adhesion of mechanical debris, damage to the assembly gap of the coupling parts, resulting in the occurrence of stuck, burned and other failures of the coupling parts.

(3) Inferior fuel quality or oil is not clean: the use of inferior fuel oil (kerosene and engine oil, diesel oil, etc.), its lubricating properties, sealing performance and viscosity can not meet the requirements of use, will cause the fuel pump pump oil pressure is insufficient, wear Aggravation and failure of fuel deposits in the nozzle. In addition, the fuel is not cleaned, the fueling tool used is not clean, the fuel filter device is damaged, the seal ring is missing, misplaced or damaged, and the filter element is removed to make the oil circuit "clear" and other wrong practices, which will make the three precision The life of the coupling is shortened.

(4) Improper assembly: In order to prevent oil leakage, some operators tighten the oil valve tight seat and the injector tight cap too tightly, so that the injector body, the plunger sleeve and the oil outlet seat are too stressed. Deformation, the matching accuracy is destroyed, and the movement of the coupling member is blocked and damaged.

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