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Rack manufacturers talk about the advantages of racks
With the development of large boring and milling machines and gantry machines, the demand for racks is also increasing. The rack has won many customers' praise for its high precision and high speed. Let the rack manufacturer introduce the rack in detail.

The rack can accommodate high-precision linear movement. The material is quenched and tempered to improve the strength of the rack and high wear resistance, and the direction of linear movement can be changed at different angles. The rack has a small modulus, is easy to use when reciprocating, and is easy to install. Due to the large contact ratio of the helical rack, it is effective in reducing noise and vibration. It has a wide range of lengths, low cost, affordable price and wide application.

In addition, it should be noted that the standard pitch line of the rack is realized by measuring the tooth thickness using the measuring roller with the bottom surface of the rack as a reference surface. If the bottom surface of the rack is processed, the rack may be The accuracy is reduced. At the beginning of operation, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the rack is fixed on the base surface stably, whether there is uneven contact of the teeth, whether the matching gear has proper backlash, and whether there is sufficient lubrication. If the gear is exposed, first install a cover, do not touch when the gear rotates. When there is noise and vibration during start-up, if there is insufficient lubrication after starting, please check the gear assembly correctly.

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